2020 one of many

The biggest challenge in 2016 was the discernment of the truth. The left has manipulated the truth for decades in politics in the U.S.

They have made it into a smearing campaign and demonization of their conservative opponents.This challenge is even bigger in 2020 !

Th fact that Trump won, against all odds, was a miracle and due to his tenacity, courage and tireless campaigning and winner attitude. God bless him ! Since the beginning of his campaign in 2016 the hatred and vilification started. Now it is daily including a failed coup against him

They do not present one novel idea or ideal. It is fear mongering and creating false crises and combatting them. The conservative is the demon against the people and the liberal is their savior, so they say.

The liberal will charge on a shining horse and stop the cruelty against the poor,  the women,  the minorities, the  gays and the pregnant who have to suffer so harshly if they want an abortion. This is just a small list of the oppressed they are fighting for.

They have so many false causes, it is almost laughable !. The problem is that for millions of people discerning the truth is not that easy.

there are the gullible, the misinformed, the naive and the impressionable. There are also the too lazy to care and the indifferent including the young and susceptible.

The democrats come up with one sentence slogans and repeat it ad infinitum.They go in orchestrated masses to the more than willing and complying fake news MSM. You see them on every news show and sunday talk shows and now also mass media propaganda sites. If you lie and repeat the lie enough times you capture the people mentioned above and obviously your “base”. The uninformed, the gullible, the unaware innocent who is being taken advantage of.

I am sure that some people think that conservatives are deplorables and irredeemables. I am sure they think that there is truth to them being racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic -you name it.

The democrats say :

” I want to take you off from the “oppression” of student loans “

” I want all immigrants, legal or not, to have ID cards and vote”

” I want all people in the country to have free health care even the i        llegal immigrant here “.

“I offer sanctuary city to anyone who seeks it”

” immigrants from all countries should be allowed in equally regardless of origin, education and beliefs and values “. ” regardless of merit and what qualifications they bring to America”

“I want to tax the rich their fair share “

” I want women to be paid the same as men “( none of them practice this )

” I want free abortion “

“Reparations to who knows who “

” Free, free, free “!

“Everyone should vote, legal, illegal with or without documentation”.

Discernment of the truth is going to be key in 2020 because the lies and the spin are  going to be monumental !

The voters are much smarter, even though the country has never been so divided.

The fake news, MSM will help the democrats perpetuate their lies and mischaracterization of the conservatives more than ever before. What the right has to do, is to do its best to keep all people informed of the truth and counter this disinformation and propaganda from the left.

This is not going to be easy, but to save the country we all have to do ou utmost best to save the country !


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