America Part 1

Written a while back to be divided into smaller sections: America Parts 1 to 11

My fellow Americans,

I am not writing this because I am running for an office. I am not writing this because I want a job. Nor writing this  because I have an insurmountable desire for power or an unchecked ego. It is you the people that votes to elect the offices of the President, Senators, House Representatives, Governors and State Representatives. Despite the awesome position and power granted to the President and the other elected officials by your vote, you must not forget that the President is a servant of the constitution and the people. He or she should serve you with conviction and transparency and integrity. He or she should unite the country rather than divide it.

The malaise that we have felt in the last 8 years is not due to you the people but to a lack of leadership and statesmanship. It has been due to a lack of belief in this country and to the individual. It has been due to the notion that America is not the most awesome democracy and country in the history of man and not believing in American exceptionalism !
It has been due to individuals running for office and being politicians that are run by a machinery that is corrupt and scared to lose power. A machinery that too often bends to the whims of their special interests but not the people.

They forget that this is a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

KDI. iaapa.


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