America Part 10

America Part 10
I also understand that some think the Constitution is evolving with changes in society and the times, however I think that we all agree that the most fundamental principle, protecting the people, should never be lost or changed. The Supreme Court must always be the guardian, among other things,  of the notion that America is a country of the people, by the people, for the people. Any one or anything that attemps to alter this must be destroyed without any reservation or doubt and at any cost

Other issues that are always raised to divide Americans are gay rights and abortion rights.Lets settle these once and for all. Gays should have all the rights of the rest of the population including marriage and its benefits. No less rights than any other group in society.

On the subject of abortion, another divisive issue used by both sides. Abortions are not healthy, nor safe in many instances and are extremely emotionally and physically draining. In some medical circles they say that it could impair future pregnancies. They should be few and rare, however the woman should be the ultimate judge, perhaps sometimes with family and or partner, and there should be lawful, safe, controlled centers or clinics to conduct them. End of story !