America Part 11

America Part 11
There exists another truly fraudulent and shameful issue, that even though out of steam and obviously false is still used to divide the people. The accusation by some political candidates that their opponent has a war on women. This is so low, so vile and so untrue and unprofessional that it is a shame to even discuss it.

One has to ask the accuser if his or her opponent was created by  a bush, or some extra terrestrial and not a mother. Does the opponent who is accused of waging a war on women not have a wife, a mother, a sister, perhaps a daughter, an aunt?
This is campaign war fare at its falsest and lowest and will no longer resonate with the people who the politicians are trying to fool.

The malaise and depression of the past few years must be replaced by pride and joy in being an American. President Reagan did it after the depressing years of the presidency of Jimmy Carter. He made clear that America is exceptional, the individual is a hero and that a true leader can change the mood of the country for positive.

America thrived and with his leadership and statesmanship one felt proud of being an American. His leadership eventually led to the freedom of Millions of people from under the totalitarian rule of the Soviet Union. This without one shot being fired and avoiding what for decades people thought would have been inevitably been The Third World War.

He led with conviction, transparency and vision. He inspired the people. He did not insult, nor lower the hopes on the stature of America and the American people and freedom loving people all around the world by saying that he would lead from behind. A true  leader either leads or does not. The leader of the free world does not lead from behind. The down trodden all over the world, those under the hoofs of brutal dictators, those crying for a life of freedom and dignity and hope all look to America for their freedom.

Some will say that we are not the world police and I agree, however we must enable and help popular uprisings when they occur against tyrant rulers, but making sure that the outcome is clear and that the new regime or rulership is not worse than before for the people.

I also believe that American style democracy is not suited for many countries. This is unfortunate but true.  But as the leader of the free world and with our democratic allies across the globe, we can encourage and direct and pressure those autocratic leaders or rulers to adopt certain human rights that are universal and undeniable to all.

America has been a force for good across the globe at least ever since World War One and saved the world with its allies from total tyranny in World War Two.

We did not annex or colonize Japan and Germany after their absolute defeat and our total victory. In fact these two countries  are amongst our strongest free allies.We helped them tremendously after we defeated them. We did not subjugate or colonize them as was done in the past by other world powers.

Finally for those Americans who blame America for almost everything ! They are drunk and intoxicated, spoiled with the freedoms and the abundance and comfort of America and totally naive, uninformed, cynical and unintelligent. They wouldn’t even dream of doing or saying what they do in this country in another country. Burning the flag,kneeling during the national anthem, rioting, destroying property vandalism and looting and insulting the leader of their country in the most disgusting and vicious manner.

Try doing something remotely close in another country and the best thing that would happen to you is that you would disappear for a long time. I don’t want to mention the names of these countries. Just know that there are a lot of them

They have a severe case of the Stockholm syndrome, hostage to a make belief, unreal world, unaware that without America this would be a very chaotic, bloody, dysfunctional world. There would be no free world. The strong and the mighty would conquer and rule the weaker countries and the forces for democracy would be annihilated.

There is much more that I feel I can write and many more topics to discuss to make this a better world and a better America but I leave this for another time. I write this not to just make you the people aware of the issues and the problems that we are confronted with,  but to offer honest, logical and common sense solutions.

It is a turbulent and troublesome world with a divided and weakened America, ownerless and leaderless. It is time to call on true leaders to come forth, leaders like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. ” I did not come to be served, but to serve”.”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for  your country ” : John F. Kennedy

Reagan got the Soviet Union dismantled without one shot. Everybody thought that the third world war would be between the west and the Soviet Union.There would be total annihilation. But ” Mr Gorbachev tear down that wall ” and a resolute and courageous brilliant president with conviction changed the world without war.

Those are instances of leadership and statesmanship.