America Part 2

America Part 2
It seems that party loyalty and power grabbing and partisanship has become more important than loyalty to the country, the people and the constitution. This has become blatant and those who perpetuate it are shameless. They are politicians, with teams of so called advisors and spin doctors and misinformation experts. Unfortunately they share the belief that it is their superiors and political bosses that they serve. As long as their common ideology is pushed forward, the truth, the method and serving the interests of the people is of little concern. They are part of the corrupt machinery. If their candidates lose, so do they.
We are ridden with career politicians, who think that they are the masters of the people forgetting that they are there to serve all the people and not only those with their ideology.
We, the people must vote to establish term limits for all positions and offices in the government. This would serve the people better both on the State level and the Federal.
There are too many office holders who have made a career on the backs of the people,
never ever held a job, completely out of touch with the reality of the working man or woman.
They try to hold their office with whatever means and methods they can.
They lie, they cheat and pander,  they divide the people, demonize adversaries and create false causes and crises. They call it politics. It is time to end all this. There is good reason that the office of The Presidency of the United States of America has a two term limit of four years with a total of 8 years. Imagine this was not part of the constitution and did not exist. Would a kingdom or dictatorship be far off ? It is unlimited power, unchecked power that is corrupting and intoxicating and vain.  Unfortunately,  far too many examples exist across the globe of such limitless power.


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