America Part 3

America Part 3

There is a vast difference between a politician & a statesman.

We have too many politicians and too many corrupt ones at that. The definition of a stateman is a wise, skillful, and respected political leader. I would add benevolent and altruistic. A stateman is a leader that is there to serve the people, unite them, inspire them, guide them, and protect the nation and the people. A statesman does not divide the people, the poor against the rich, blacks against whites, a group with one ideology against another, nor a group with one lifestyle against another.

A statesman serves all the people.  He or she inspires the young to become achievers, to do their best, to study and work hard, to dare to dream success and independence.

He or she does not demonize industry leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporations who create and produce jobs. He elevates lesser achievers to individual responsibility and bigger achievements and to emulate those who have achieved success.

He inspires the successful to be compassionate and caring towards the less fortunate.

A statesman does not engage in demagoguery and fraud against the people for political expediency.

In the last few years we have been in a national malaise and depression. We have lost hope, we have been told that if we have a business, we did not build it. We have been told that the individual is not in charge of his or her destiny. We have been told that another group is culpable for our personal failures and that we are not responsible. We have been told that there is a war against women, a gender gap,  war against gays, war against minorities and that the rich are fat cats and demons.


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