America Part 4

America Part 4

We have been told that without the aid of government we are helpless and that they the politicians know better.  We have been called  gun carrying , bible reading and stupid. We have been recently referred to as a basket of deplorables, irredeemables and racists, sexists, homophobics, xenophobics and islamophobics.  We have been encouraged to become intolerant of one another and divided. We have  been vilified and denigrated in one form or another. Is this the kind of leadership you deserve ? Is this the country you want to live in ? Are you not first an American and then a liberal or a conservative, a Democrat or a republican, a left leaning or right leaning ideologue ? Are we not all citizens of the greatest country in the history of man ? Are we not the country where millions of people immigrated to, at great personal risk and hardship, sometimes paying with their lives ? We were and still are. They come knowing that in America there is freedom and hope. They come because they have heard of the American Dream knowing that they and their children can make progress and break all old world social and economic barriers. They come knowing that their son or daughter can become a senator or a congressman or The President. They come knowing that from the direst, poorest origins they can become moguls and leaders of industry. They come knowing that they can achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams. They come to be able to live with dignity and pride and that they will not be discriminated against because of their race or color or sex or religion. That is why they come to America !

We as a people have been mislead that these facts are not true. We have been told that America is at fault and that the American era is over. We have been lied to by our politicians, trying to cover their mistakes and their lack of wise governance. We have been told big government will take care. We have been scorned at as individuals. There is good reason for this behavior. Big government means that big politicians, their staffs and advisors and  their special interest groups and cronies will stay in power. The vast and corrupt machinery surrounding the big politicians and their big government stay in power at the detriment of the country and the people.


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