America Part 6

America Part 6
I sometimes feel that America has become an ownerless country. This is so dangerous and sad. There was a time when the people could raise their head in pride and proudly say I am an American regardless of their political persuasion. Now, special interest groups and political action groups and the politicians selfishly move their own agenda forward, with no regard to the common good of the country.This feeling of being proud to be an American is now infected by cynicism and doubt and apathy. I wonder which country, if any, those Americans who readily criticize America would choose to go to and live in. I don’t see any such groups leaving. This is a country of immigrants since its inception. Institutions that were designed to be neutral have all become politicized & wasteful and corrupt. The targeting and harassment of certain conservative groups by the IRS is shameful but more so dangerous. Would those thoughtless, shallow, corrupt ideologues who perpetuated this corrupt action tolerate or accept this treatment if the cards were reversed. It is dangerous because it harasses, silences and hurts the people by a government controlled institution. This is the way it is done in a totalitarian, dictatorial system where the government controls everything.  I cannot emphasize this point enough. No matter how high up this action originated from, those who perpetuated it should be identified and tried and punished severely. The very foundations of the country and the democracy are at stake here. You cannot allow a government institution to intimidate and silence and take away the rights of any group of lawful people. Whereas there have been other scandals and complete lack of transparency and misdeeds, depending on your point of view, the IRS scandal is by far the most outrageous.


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