America Part 7

America Part 7
Unfortunately the feeling of lack of ownership of the country by the people is due to further reasons. Our borders are broken. Millions of people mostly good, some bad cross our borders illegally. This country was made great and built by immigrants, but an order less migration of people entering the country illegally is destructive. This is like a home with no order, no rules and where anyone invited or uninvited can come in and stay. This is the state of the country except on a much larger scale.

Like I previously stated millions of people around the globe seek to come to America. Many lose their lives, such as those who take a little boat or raft trying to come from Cuba or those who cross on foot from neighboring countries. But then there are millions who desired to come to America and who are still trying to come but do so legally and lawfully. Their human rights and legal conduct cannot be punished, rather they should be rewarded. Once and if the decision is made that a person is qualified or accepted to become a naturalized resident and then citizen, the process should be expedited and the red tape minimized. Stop wasting every bodies time ! Those with higher educational degrees, entrepreneurial skills and skills with shortages in our industries such as scientists and engineers and with capital should be encouraged and facilitated to come and stay either temporarily or permanently. No this is not discriminatory, it is good for America and for all the people. They will help further build America with their skills or capital and invest in our economy.

No question those others who cross our borders without visa or permit seeking to come to America are by the vast majority doing so in desperation and with noble intentions. We must be compassionate and tolerant, but we cannot allow our borders and the rule of law to be broken. The solution can be simple and humane and practical. Secure the borders on all fronts. Create a work permit visa. For those who enter with a work permit visa allow it to be renewable with proof of good conduct, no commitment of crime or other misconduct and work and the payment of taxes. Allow this category of people to become permanent residents and eventually citizens if they so choose after going through an expedited application process after the end of the fifth year. The visa can be for five years, renewable for another five years. If they pay into the system they can be entitled to what all tax paying Americans are, starting from the end of the first five years.

They cannot vote until they are citizens. Issue a temporary special social security card and allow them to acquire special temporary drivers’ licenses. The work permit visa must be multiple entry good for five years so that the applicant can return to country of origin for personal reasons. Once the applicant chooses and becomes a citizen, the immediate family meaning wife or husband & children can apply for citizenship through an expedited process. The criteria for who obtains such work visas must be based on what skill or labor is needed in America at that point in time. No one shall be paid less than the minimum wage prevailing in America in whatever job they engage.

We now come to those who have crossed the border illegally and are living here no matter for how long and are still the so called “illegals”. Passions run high on both ends of the spectrum.  They are here, accept it ! Most, by far,  are hard working, decent, honest, good people. They are in some cases working in the low paying jobs, but many are skilled or trained in one trade or another.  They cook your food in the restaurants, wait on your tables and are runners and busboys.  They are your housekeepers, gardeners, farm workers, handymen, contractors and factory workers and managers. Many are craftsmen and artisans,carpenters and upholsterers and finishers and garment makers, plumbers electricians and painters. They work in industry, homes, businesses, hospitals and casinos and in the farms.  Some, I am sure hold much higher positions and even have their own businesses and are highly successful, deservedly so.
For the most part they have paid taxes too.

This group of people must be given a path to citizenship. Not for the cynical political reasons that has too often been the justification. Not when an election is imminent and the timing is convenient and totally dishonest which arouses mistrust and skepticism.  Not for the miscalculated belief that they all vote one way or another or for one party rather than the other. Not when the corrupt machinery surrounding the corrupt politicians dictate so solely for political expediency !
They should be given a path to citizenship for humanitarian, compassionate and practical and beneficial reasons other than for some to cling to their power.

Granting them citizenship is good for them but also very good for America !
They should be allowed to come out of the shadows, obtain legal work permit visas, and their immediate families to remain in the country with them. They should go through the five year plan as stated above while working and paying taxes.
None of these privileges of the path to citizenship should apply to those who have committed crimes in the country. They should be tried, jailed if so warranted and then forever expelled. For those who argue that this takes jobs away from American citizens, while there is some validity to this argument, they have to realize that they have already taken those jobs and met an existing demand.

Once the  country’s borders are intact and the ” illegal” problem is solved the country will feel that America is less ownerless.
The above encompasses a massive change transparent and comprehensive of our immigration laws and our border security which have been a complete disaster and out dated. This must be done with overwhelming bipartisanship and the support of the people. That is leadership.


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