America Part 8

America Part 8
Another reason why so many Americans feel America is ownerless apart from the corruption is the lack of common sense and logic in their government’s actions.

One interest group is pulling the country one way, another is pulling the opposite way multiplied by millions pulling in different directions and no one is willing to compromise or even agree that they might be wrong.
This might not be apparent but it is truly due to lack of direction & leadership and lack of honesty and transparency.
A true leader gives a people common purposes and true causes and directs the nation and the national mood. A leader does not cause false crises and then exploit them. A true leader inspires and unites the people rather than divide them. He or she brings the best out of people. He does not call matters of concern and misconduct like the IRS scandal “phoney”. He does not constantly demonize people with strong but different beliefs. He does not say something but mean or do something completely different.

He does not constantly target his political opponents and promote mistruths and vilify them for believing differently..
He does not constantly act due to political expediency and self promotion.
He stops campaigning after winning and starts governing, preferably with humility.
He does not avoid making decisions and acting when action is needed solely because it might be politically risky.
He does not use his machinery and power and the arms of government to intimidate and silence his opponents and a vast segment of the population.
He does not surround himself by pure ideologues and only those who are too ready to commit fraud and lie to the American people because of common ideology.
He governs within the laws and the constitution, where certain rules are never overlooked, never broken because doing so would destroy the very democracy that he was sworn to uphold.
He is more a patriot than a partisan
He does not demagogue you, no matter how naive, gullible or uninformed you might be, nor how well spoken or eloquent he may be.
He believes in three equal but separate branches of government and works in good faith with them.
He does not allow his appointees, whether cabinet members or other to politicize their departments and staff against one group or another of the people.
He does not allow the spilled blood or the death of a military man or woman of this country to have been in vain, for political reasons. He will have forsaken the people and his oath in doing so.Wherever I have mentioned he, it can also be she.


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