America Part 9

America Part 9

My fellow brothers & sisters, my fellow Americans unite and let the politicians on all levels know that we own this country, it is not ownerless and that it will belong to our children and grandchildren after us.

There are other false divisions created between us by the in office politicians and their machinery. The press has become part of this corrupt machinery. They are no longer the neutral watch dogs they were intended to be but rather the lapdogs of those in office.

They repeat the lies of those they favor wanting to make you believe that they are promoting the truth. They vilify the decent and the qualified with lies and outdated ideology and misrepresentation. They have no shame !
They make a mole out of a mountain and a mountain out of a mole strictly depending on their personal, biased tendencies or ideology.

Where once they were the fourth pillar of governance, even though not elected, and another part of our system of checks & balances, they have now become part of the corrupt system.

Even The Supreme Court of The land has become politicized. The 9 justices are supposed to be neutral, seeking justice for all, regardless of political persuasion. race, gender, ethnicity, wealth or poverty or lifestyle choice. They should be much more proactive in matters of the nation and in exercising their equal but separate power rights. They are appointed for life for a very good reason. They are not in debt to anyone, even those who appointed them. How is it credible when every time a matter of national importance comes up, anyone paying attention knows how they will vote. Based on ideology and party persuasion ! They need to vote in favor of moral values, family values, responsibility of the individual and the responsibility of the elected towards the people.

They need to vote for work for benefits and pay, they need to end this mentality of victimization and preferential treatment based on race gender or lack of achievement.

They are the ultimate arbiters of the values of the country. They should not punish the achievers versus the non achievers and those who contribute by hard work and taxes versus those who do not. They help set the values for the nation. They must make sure that the government is not overpowering and corrupt and end any such corruption immediately and aggressively if and when exposed. They must make sure that the capitalistic system that exists continues to thrive without burdensome unfair regulations imposed on the people by any government authority.

They are the only Czars that were designed to exist in the constitution of America, and for life.

They cannot be timid or shy away from this sacred trust. They are empowered to put controls on the other branches of government when they step over their reach and authority. They are the final defense of the constitutional republic, and ultimately the people.

Countries without an independent and equal Supreme Court are for the most part totalitarian. Rubber stamps for the system and the totalitarian ruling regime.All such countries are dictatorships.