American Media

American media was once the envy of the world and a source of pride for America and Americans.
It has now become a corrupt propaganda machine existing solely for the purpose of pushing forward a particular ideology.
It has become fake news.
The vitriol, divisiveness and hate is truly scary.
There seems to be no logic,  no common sense no goodwill  and no concern for the democracy once known as America.
American media was once the neutral observer and arbiter of American government and politicians and the most important instrument of checks and balances of the government. It was more effective in conserving and controlling American democracy than the three branches of government combined.
It has now become a disgrace. It is corrupt with shameless news people missing any measure of objectivity and fairness. Even worse yet and more dangerous it is indifferent to democracy as we have known it in the past.
It is so manifestly ideologically driven that nothing else matters. It seems that these people are missing a part of  their brain
I call this the objectivity lobe of the brain. They are completely void of any objectivity.
Blinded by their ideology.
I have heard that some people don’t even date anyone with an ideology different than theirs. How sad !
How can an actor as prominent as Robert Deniro talk about the President of his country so disrespectfully ? How ?
How low and disgusting. They say that the obvious is boring. People like Deniro are boring because what they say and how they feel is so obvious. They do not have the courage nor the imagination to be different than the crowds they hang out with. Boring !!
For them the wind always blows in one direction. In the direction of their intolerant, narrow minded non inclusive ways.
They fear to think, to listen, to think that perhaps they might be wrong.
The true heroes of America are emerging to be the people who dare say what they think that oppose the bullying intolerance of the other side and does not fear thinking differently and expressing the same.
By a far majority, the media, college campuses and government institutions are blinded by the same bias, prejudice and liberal ideology and intolerance. So is so called “Hollywood”.
So called political correctness which is really  an attempt in Ideological enforcement and forceful persuasion is completely senseless and stupid..
I think it’s time to wake up & realize that the country is going down the drain unless the majority wake up, become activists and put time in fighting back against the destruction of their country and thus the future of their children and grandchildren.
Yes it is hard, time consuming and difficult because you are busy with hard work, family and responsibilities and busy with making ends meet. But what for If the children do not have a future because of our inaction.
It is time for the silent majority to wake up, unite and act.
I will give you the platform, method and time to do so because I love this country !
Stay tuned.


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