KDI, iaapa.

It seems that in America these days people have to be categorized or branded.

You are either a liberal or a conservative. You are either a Democrat or a Republican.You are always one or the other of an ideology, across the board. There can be no crossovers or beliefs that can be mixed.

Well let me make it very clear; I am an American. You will not categorize me nor classify me in your dumb lazy system of groups or political classes.

I am a proud American and  what I believe in is friendship, harmony, individualism and not collectivism.

I believe in fair play and hard work and family.I believe in the children and that they need guidance, discipline and love.

I believe that we are all the children of God and equal. We should be afforded the same possibilities and chances but that does not guarantee the same outcome in life for everyone.

The inequality starts from birth. You may be born extremely healthy and rich or extremely poor and sick to take it to the most extremes.

the most admirable people in the world are those that overcome their disadvantages whether genetic or by birth and circumstance and become successful, happy and wealthy. Those that become masters in their fields as incredible teachers or Doctors or scientists or philosophers and leaders.

in America we have so many examples of successful people from humble origins.The same in the rest of the world.

Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra,Dean Martin. Einstein, Gandhi, Golda Meir, Anwar Saadat, Harry Truman, Abraham Lincoln,Stephen Hawking,Winston Churchill,Ronald Reagan, Barak Obama,Martin Luther King Jr.and so so many more throughout history.Leonardo Da Vinci,Michelangelo, Galileo,Napoleon,Shakespeare, Beethoven,Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and more

There are also those who rose to great power and achievement but in a very negative way: Chengis Khan, Attila The Hun, Lenin,Stalin, Mao, Hitler,Mussolini and again, many many more.Hopefully these will not return. In the present day we have the leaders of N. Korea, Iran,Venezuela Castro and more.

We have industry leaders and moguls who started from very humble beginnings.

Andrew Carnegie, Coco Chanel, Edison,Rockefeller, Conrad Hilton, Henry Ford, Pepe the soccer player, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Mohammed Ali, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Jackie Robinson, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald.

These people are a small quantity of millions of people who were achievers, accomplishers and successful.

In the most part from very humble beginnings and with handicaps.

Getting back to the subject of branding, these people were all from different races, ethnicity and religion and political persuasion. Some libertarian, some liberal, some democrats and some conservative and some republican. Many were a mixture of these qualities.

Most important was that in the past we did not think of people of different persuasions as enemies.

It has now become uncivilized the way the discourse has become.

Accusation and demonization of the other side has become the norm.

If you disagree with someone, vilifying  them is not far away.

You demonize, name call, make it all about identity politics and not issues.

The country has never been so divided. One side always throws a monkey wrench in the activities of the other side. One side always tries to undo what the other side did. If you did this in your private life or business you would be destroyed for sure.

The Saul Alinsky method of  overcoming your ideological opponents is not for America.

It is un American, uncivilized and demonic.


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