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Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedian, also known as Borat from Kazakhstan mistakenly said that the jews were responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

I never knew he was so wrong. I don’t think he knew it either. After intensive journalistic investigation, CNN and MSNBC and some other news outlets from the MSM have found out the truth ! It was  actually President Donald J. Trump that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Thank you,  I now know that Donald J. Trump was responsible for that !.!

Of course, The President did this shortly before his Russian collusion

and the elections.  In fact he did this right before his obstruction of justice.

The MSM and the Democrats have also found the real reason for global warming and climate change  and concluded that President Donald J. Trump is the  real cause of climate change and global warming too.

As you may know, cows release methane gas which is a greenhouse gas, like Carbon dioxide. Cows are also the main source of beef.  Beef is also the main source of steaks and hamburgers.

The democrats and MSM have discovered and accused The President of collusion with cows.This brilliant work of investigative journalism was led by no other than Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Anderson Cooper of CNN with the aid of Jim Acosta  and Jake Tapper of course.

As expected , The White House and Sarah Sanders deny all  such accusations and charges !

They charge that The President likes and eats lots of steak and burgers. He has singlehandedly caused the warming of the planet by consuming steaks and hamburgers which come from beef, which comes from cows which release lots of methane gas into the atmosphere !!!

In a tripartisan measure of goodwill and compromise The President , the Democrats and the Cows have  agreed on the cutdown of steak consumption and dairy products and hamburgers. Even beef hot dogs !The President was warned that lack of cooperation  and compromise would lead to a grand jury investigation by special counsel. The Democrats are now very pleased with the President and have agreed not to pursue impeachment.  AOC is even happy now.!

Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff, on the other hand, still insists on impeachment of The President for colluding with the cows.

Al Gore, congratulated The President with tears rolling down his face in a very emotional video call to The White House.

The methane gas, cow, beef, steak, hamburger, climate change collusion is finally over. No obstruction of justice was found either !! The special counsel and the attorney general, Robert Mueller and AG Barr were extremely relieved  by this outcome.  This time the AG and Special counsel were in complete agreement with no room for doubt or ambivalence and they both agree that there was no collusion nor obstruction of justice. The Cows are a little suspicious of this  though ! They want to see a non redacted version of all correspondence and communications between all parties !!!!!!

In an effort in following the  example led by President Donald J. Trump, in consuming less beef and thus less steaks and hamburgers more people have cut down on beef and steak consumption.In fact, it is noteworthy to say,  consumption of beef STEW has also been drastically reduced.! Mexican restaurants are now serving less FAJITAS  and BEEF tacos ! Even major steak houses have now diversified into  more vegetarian, vegan and non beef dishes.!! TOFU, TOFU, TOFU !

Some major markets have eliminated many dairy products like  milk and cheeses including sour cream and cream cheese and butter.

Relief !!! almond milk, soy milk and silk milk are ok !! Cashew milk and coconut milk are delicious too.Veggie burgers are better for you anyway !

The President has also cut down his consumption of Creme fraiche and French and Italian cheeses and butters including Brie cheese, a favorite of The White House..

Just eat your spaghetti without parmesan cheese  said The President! No more Yoplait or Greek yoghurt please too !

This action has drastically reduced  the numbers of cows needed in this country and  the world  and has and will  put an end to climate change and global warming.

The good news is that cows are in complete accord with the President and the Democrats and have promised to release less gases.  Cows have also succeeded in convincing all bovines and ovine and caprine and suidae, even the WILD  boar to cooperate and comply with this cause and produce less gases. Even donkeys, horses and  camels !

They have all agreed ! even Kosher and Halal cows and sheep are in agreement. In an unprecedented move of compromise and harmony, extreme liberal cows and extreme conservative cows have agreed to share the same pastures and eating grounds for the first time in history.

Cows have also been allowed to have a seat in the United Nations.

Now this is historic  and unprecedented  also, because all national leaders including Xi Jinping of China and President Putin agreed. There was no threat of a veto by any permanent members of the security council even though the French , the inventors of the entrecôte and Brie cheese, were not too happy.

Thank you MSM  for this outstanding work and the wonderful outcome.

Thank you Mr. President and Democrats  and of course, thank you dear Cows.


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