Collusion: how did it change the outcome ?

This whole Russian collusion conspiracy is starting to sound like the biggest hoax of modern American politics. It’s a complete manufactured lie !

What the hell does it even mean ?

What was the collusion about ?

Was it collusion to change the outcome of the elections ?

How do you collude to change the outcome of an election.?

Short of tampering with voting machines or ballot boxes, how do you affect  or change an election ?

Did the Russians come and stuff ballot boxes in the dark of the night ?

No foreign government or country said they favored one or the other candidate. Besides,a foreign government preferring one candidate over another and saying so is not tampering with votes or collusion or illegal.

I am sure all foreign governments have their favorites depending on who is  going to be best for them . But so what !

Who cares ?

If by collusion you mean they stole emails or published emails favorable or unfavorable to one candidate or another, that is not collusion either.

Even if they did so, that should not change the outcome of an election.

If what was published was so damaging to one party or the other,  then I for one am  glad they published it ! Aren’t you ? Was someone hiding something ? WHY ?

Even if they published or leaked this information, it was the TRUTH. Unless you say they manufactured the information which has never been the case, then this sham of a collusion has to end.

The country is going through COLLUSION FATIGUE and is sick of it !

Two plus years and millions of dollars later and millions of documents and hundreds of witnesses and subpoenas by the mightiest investigative unit in the world is ENOUGH !

This with the help of the most hostile so called MSM and their propaganda and fake reporting and news barrage  24/7 NONSTOP !  NO COLLUSION, end of story !!! now go back TO WORK for the American PEOPLE, who elected you and pay you to do a real job for a change.



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