Criminals Belong in Jail

Inmates are being released !!!! This is a ” groundbreaking” event according to Bill De Blasio. If insanity had another name it could easily be called “democrat”. I just don’t understand how these people think ! what is in their brains. Which idiots elect these nutcases. ? As though the virus epidemic is not enough troubling and stressful and depressing, some people in some places have to worry about criminals being released and running free ! These a.. holes are always more concerned about criminals versus victims , guilty versus innocent and illegals and foreigners versus Americans. I think it has to get a lot worse before it will get better. Democracy or a Republic needs intelligent voters and people and we have so many millions who are not ! look at who holds office in the congress and look who runs the fake news, MSM ! The news is a joke these days full of lies and false fabrications. These people deserve a Joe Biden or an Elizabeth Warren or a Bernie Sanders !
Imagine we could divide the country into two countries and allowed people to choose between living with the democrats and being ruled by them or living in the Republican system ! I guarantee you that the democrat part people would leave in less than a year like people have run away from other failed governments ! The enemies of America are far worse within the country than enemies from abroad. The enemies within are the hungry, greedy corrupt politicians and then the unaware, indifferent, stupid electorate that elect those politicians. Dealing with people with lack of common sense and logic and intelligence is an exercise in futility !