Dear Democrats

Dear Democrats,

why is it that Mr. Trump is The President ? Why is it that he is in The Whitehouse  ?

Did he take over by force ? was there a military coup and the army made him President ?

Was he a dictator that was in power and is staying in power by force of arms or a revolution. Did he take power with a violent coup d’etat with soldiers.

Is he The President because he is the puppet of another more powerful country that installed him in power ? Which is it ?

Oh, I get it, he is the there because of Russian Collusion and interference in US elections.

But that phony hoax was proven to be wrong too, with a redacted report, then a non redacted report. Then just to make sure we had a summary report , then a full report too.  We then had the Attorney General,  Barr, testify and after totally vilifying him, and getting nowhere, just to make further sure, we had the special counsel himself, Robert Mueller, come and testify too

Even then, there was no evidence of Collusion. After the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who conducted an investigation from May 2017 till March 2019. You Democrats and the false and fraudulent MSM have dragged this on till July 2019.

Now the brilliant Jerry Nadler, who loves his country, says” The American people have a right to know “. It’s always for the sake of “The American People ” when it is really a shameless political ploy.

But Mr. Nadler, what they know, is that you are making a further fool out of yourself and want to file for a bogus impeachment. How deranged can a mind be ? A mind that represents people in the Congress of The United States of America ? Even your brilliant co conspirator, Adam Schiff seems to have given up, at least on this one.

At least 65 million plus people know what you are up to and that number is growing. Beware of their wrath Mr.Nadler. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time !

Vulgarity of character has limits even for the most deranged and misguided !

shamelessness can come back to haunt you !

Pull up your pants and go do some REAL work for the people !

YES, the same American People you purport to care for so much.

Give up this collusion crap. That horse has been beaten to death a long time ago. Get on with the new false exploit. Get on the band with the other Democrats and push the “Phobia” and ‘ism” narratives.

Call Trump a racist, an Islamophobe, an antisemite, a xenophobe, a misogynist, a sexist, a homophobe , a fascist, a Nazi………..even deplorable and irredeemable, ……. more !!

One of these might just stick, if you get lucky. But just try, if not you will never know !!

But take my advice, pull up your pants, tighten your belt and do some real, honest day’s job.


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