Satire !! :
Democxicillin is a drug against TDS which has the following possible side effects. Side effects may include drowsiness or insomnia, constipation or diarrhea . Other side effects include shortness of breath with intervals of easy breathing and sweating or dry skin. In some cases it can cause extreme hair growth or complete baldness. High energy or complete fatigue are other symptoms ! rashes may appear with bumps on the skin with a beautiful orange, red color. It can cause low blood pressure or high blood pressure, rapid blinking or periodic closed eyes. Runny nose or total congestion and dry nose are other side effects. You may experience dry mouth or severe mouth watering and wetness of the mouth. Blood clots and internal bleeding can also occur. The good news is you can drink alcohol as much as you like . In other side effects, in the most severe cases, you can die from a heart attack or stroke. This medication took the FDA 66 years to test and approve ! If you survive death, meningitis and brain infection are possible, including dementia and schizophrenia. If you get any of these symptoms please make sure to call your doctor or go to the emergency room.
P. S. breakdown of muscle tissue, liver and or kidney failure are other possible side effects. Ask your pharmacist for a COMPLETE list of ALL side effects.


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