Derangement syndrome.

Right now the country is going through a derangement syndrome.Trump derangement syndrome. No matter what he does or says he will be hated, called names, vilified, demonized and if they could , even worse.

 If Trump were to be the best president ever, and that is a big if, they would still try to destroy him and his presidency.

Basically said he cannot do anything right. Nothing!

He could make the best economic deals with other countries, he could bring back millions of lost jobs, have the lowest unemployment rate in a long time,

control rogue nations from committing harm to this country and others, completely annihilate terrorism, change the trade imbalance in favor of this country, love his country and fair minded people to death ! He could make America the greatest in its history, it would still not help.

The level of hatred is mind boggling.It goes hand in hand with their hypocrisy and double standards, total duplicity .

It seems that these people are missing a part of their brain. The objectivity lobe of their brain.I really believe they don’t understand their lack of objectivity. They just don’t see it ! However it’s so one sided that I am not sure.The scariest part is that they think they are always right. If you treat them or accuse them of their kind of accusations or conduct, you are a monster, a demon !

There is so much hatred mostly driven by ideology and preservation of power by others that this man never has a chance.

Anyone else would have already given up.Let me throw in the towel !

Trump however is a fighter, has conviction and does not give up and fights back.

What a shame that all this energy, time, money and resources has to be spent on fighting unreasonable hatred and venom.What a shame that he has to constantly fight off outright lies and distortions. How could anyone govern a country with so many obstacles and distortions and attacks ?

Is he perfect ? of course not, but who is or was ?

Has he made mistakes ? A big YES !

But for the love of God and country let him have a chance ! A fair chance.

Why do some people dislike “Make America Great Again” ?

America, they say, was great ! Ok , fine, America was great and now he wants to make sure it continues being so. If it helps you and makes you happy maybe he should have said “Keep America Great”

The level of intolerance, disrespect, foul language and  name calling is embarrassing, actually disgusting.

Those who conduct themselves in this manner call Trump and his supporters Intolerant ! It’s the exact opposite !

It is just shocking, the lack of this objectivity lobe of the brain.

Prior to Trump millions did not like the previous President. I never saw such disrespect, hatred or foul language and name calling !

When you don’t have policy, or substance or vision yourself, destroy your so called opponent by name calling, vilifying him or her or demonizing them.

Make it all personal rather than discussing  the subject and the betterment of the situation, in this case the country. If it’s your “side” it’s called free speech and expression, if it’s the other side it’s called hate speech, racism, fascism and all the “isms”  and “phobias”in the world. If it’s your side and people object, you do not want “censorship” but if it’s the other way round they must be stopped. It’s always a problem when it does not match your ideology or beliefs or methods.

If by now you have not learned that the country is almost evenly divided in ideology and that people have different opinions and ideologies and that we must learn to tolerate the differences and live together as Americans , I feel sorry for you.

This country cannot be destroyed by outside forces but unfortunately we are destroying it ourselves from within.We don’t need any help, sad to say.

There are truly Americans which are America haters and that is the subject of another time and topic to come.

I have never understood this self hate of country and fellow people.

So many guilt ridden, pathetic haters and complainers, totally spoiled with too much freedom !

Have you lived anywhere else to see the difference ?  some of us have and believe me this is as good as it gets despite its flaws and imperfections.For those who were born here and hate it, just leave ! go, goodbye !

For those who come here and don’t like it and complain all the time I would ask who forced you to come or sent you an invitation ?

Get out, go to that better country you left or wherever, because no-one asked you to come or stay in the first place !

It is a very sad time in American history, the greatest country in the world, for the world.In times of catastrophe everyone looks to America and America delivers !!

It conquered but never colonized. It won wars but never occupied.It’s biggest allies and friends are the countries that were completely defeated in the Second World War.The world would be in complete disorder without an America. Complete chaos, I am sure of this.

Yes, even America is not perfect, but still, it’s the best there is whether you like it or not !


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