“disenfranchised “

I like the rule of law, without it people and societies would not thrive properly.

It seems that these days the real meaning of disenfranchised has been twisted.

Some say that others are trying to suppress votes and voting. They say that they are disenfranchising people or , in other words, depriving people of some right by not letting them vote.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I do not want a non citizen to vote but will do anything to help a rightful citizen to vote.

The truly disenfranchised are the people who rightfully vote but whose votes get cancelled by those who are not rightful citizens and thus voters. The latter group are the outlaws who annul the votes of rightful voters, the truly disenfranchised !

Another argument is about immigration and immigrants.

I love immigrants and this country was blessed by immigrants who helped make it great.

The first settlers were immigrants.

What I don’t agree with is illegal immigration.

There is a system in place not just in America but almost the whole world for legally becoming an immigrant and eventually a citizen of that country.

So once again for those who need simpler explanations : legal immigration yes, hooray, illegal immigration no, boo.

Just for the record, I am an immigrant !! Like millions before and after me I went through the process and I am now proudly a U. S. citizen.