I am against illegal immigration, not legal immigration

I am against muslim terrorists not muslims,

I am against fraudulent voting not rightful voting.

I am for the right female president not just any female president

I am for a great America not a weak one

I am for rights for all not just for some

I am for equal pay for equal talent and performance

I am for black, I am for white and  all in between

I am for all religions and religious freedom.

I am for all people and tolerant of all

I am for the compassionate

I am for peace

I am for  brotherhood

I am for real justice

I am for the fortunate and unfortunate

I am for the rich and the poor, but honest

I am for equal opportunity not guaranteed equal outcome

I am for democracy not totalitarianism

I am for meritocracy

I am for free enterprise

I am for discipline and rule

I am for freedom

I am for hard work and deserving

I am for diligence and care

I am for love not hate

I am for life not death

I am for less government

I am for less regulation

I am for the people

Woo the people