Division and grouping

Every four years the democrats “create” new groups of people to separate them from the body of the main people and to create division. This reaches new heights in election years.This is on top of the racist  divide and abortion divide and homophobe divide and misogynistic divide and islamophobic divide  which is a year round, every year battle.The latest such group is the transgender group. They have always existed, nothing new ! however in order to create division, the democrats created a crisis to separate them from the rest of the population. I wonder what bathrooms they used all theses previous years. I wonder if anyone cared or interfered in their behavior. I also wonder how I never heard about the ease or difficulty of them changing their sex and the procedure involved.  You are what you are and as long as you do not interfere in my life or infringe upon my rights I have no problem. You can be any member of the LGBTQ group and I may not live that lifestyle myself but I will respect your right to be what you choose and not judge you or be prejudiced against you based on your sexual preference. As long as you respect my choice and lifestyle I will respect yours. It’s only when you try to force me or my family or my children to accept what you want as the only way of life  and judge my values and question them, that I get upset.

The same goes with abortion. It should be far and in between and not frequent but in the end it is your choice, hopefully  rare but not outlawed. That is your choice and your partners  choice, even though you hardly involve your partner in the decision. The democrats create ” new groups” and fire them up, with the help of their propaganda arm, the fake news, MSM and pitch them against each other normally against the Republicans. These heartless, rich loving, poor hating, hateful, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic Republicans. ! When you come down to, it none of these issues really effect my life or your life. Let it all be. To each his own. Just supply me with equal opportunity and jobs and equality and justice and safety and freedom of speech, religion and race and individuality and the other freedoms under The Constitution.

The new “divide and separate” actions from democrats are “cancel culture”,” back lives matter” and “Antifa”. These are all slogans and groups created for dividing the people and now warfare. These latest divisions are leading to anarchy and chaos and riots and burning and looting and even murder. Murder of innocent people with opposing views. The democrats are ok with that because they think they will say ” We are on your side” !

This will come to haunt them and despite what they think, it will destroy them.!


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Kristel Marquez
Kristel Marquez
2 years ago


I hope you are safe and healthy 🙂

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Thank you!


Kristel Marquez