Double Talk, Euphemisms

undocumented immigrants : illegal aliens

disenfranchised voters : illegal voters

White privilege : whites are racists

Antifa : Fascist

Anti illegal immigration : anti immigrant

Anti muslim terrorism : anti Muslim, Islamophobe

Fat cats : the rich that are not leftists

Anti women : people born by aliens or carried by a stork

 Racists, nationalists : MAGA

Deplorables and irredeemables : Half the country

Deplorables and irredeemables : Trump supporters

Racist, sexist, homophobic,xenophobic, Islamophobes : Republicans

Put y’all back in chains : Conservatives according to Biden

7-11 0wners :  Pakistanis or Indian accents : Biden

Dunkin donuts : Pakistanis or Indian accents  : Biden

Main stream media : Fake news

Late term abortion : Infanticide

Family planning  : Abortion

Inconvenient : The truth

Facts  : Illusions

Russian collusion : Delusion

Progressive : Socialist

Pro Choice : Pro abortion

Reproductive rights : Abortion

Transgender : gender confusion

Pro Immigration : Open borders

Gun reform : Gun control

Fair share of tax : 100%

Protests : Rioting

Free speech : Selective Censorship

When they go low, we go high : irredeemables and deplorables


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