Equality and Government

Inequality starts from birth. That is just how nature works and in more religious terms the way God has it. I always wished I was taller than what I am, perhaps even better looking and  had a genius IQ. I always wanted to be a fantastic singer, Sinatra, Elvis, Belafonte, Buble, Bocceli, Pavarotti, Isaac Hayes, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston,Gladys Knight and many , many more But I am what I am. Most things in life are not in ones control and not being a singer, songwriter was not in my control. Alas ! this is just the way things are.

Let me mention a few obvious things not in our control, that are not so clear to many people despite it being so obvious.

You don’t choose where you’re born

you don’t choose when you are born

You don’t choose your parents.

You don’t choose your gender

You don’t choose your siblings or your family

In most cases, unless you change religion, you don’t choose the religion you are born to, nor do you choose your race.

You don’t choose your genes, your health and your physical appearance

You don’t choose almost all things in between birth and death.

You certainly do not choose your time of death.

So some of us are more blessed by birth than others. You may not like this but it is true.

However, what ever circumstance or situation or state you are born into, the good thing is that you can choose to achieve to become better. Does it always work ? no,  but  it’s all we have .

Many people with humble beginnings, physical impairment and lack of a proper education have become world leaders in industry and other positions of leadership and power.Stephen Hawking is one that immediately comes to my mind

The other world and business leaders and tycoons almost by a large majority started from humble beginnings. As people like to say, they started in their garages.

Please don’t get me wrong and I am no fan of these historical characters but many of them started from humble beginnings from Genghis Khan, Attila the hun, to Mussolini and Hitler and Stalin and Mao, Pol Pot and so many more.They did not start with power. They were evil and extremely driven and gathered power.

The same goes with historically benevolent personalities such as

Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare,Gandhi, Golda Meir, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela just to name a very few.

I can’t mention all on both sides of good and evil because there are far too many.

I think what got me to write this is when people say there is inequality, particularly income inequality  or justice equality.

You van never stamp out certain inequalities such as those in ” nature’s” hands, partially mentioned above.

But in a democratic society,what you can do as a society and country and  good people is to make sure that justice is equal for all whether you are rich or poor or of any religion or color or gender or race or ideology.

Justice should be equal for all !

Opportunities provided to people in a democracy should be equal.

You will never correct the by “birth inequalities” ! That,  as previously stated, is out of our control.Maybe in hundreds of years medicine  and medical science will cure all inequalities and diseases by birth and otherwise. I hate to think that there could be a time  where we will create the perfect human being all equal in mental and physical capacity.All the same DNA and genes almost “perfect ” and equal. We take the best of the best and clone them. That would be scary, to say the least !!

Until then, I expect my country, the best democracy in the history of man, or as some like to call it, representative democracy, or democratic republic to try to give everyone the same chances, or opportunity as much as possible.

The playing field has to be level and equal for all.What they do with that equal opportunity is mostly their choice.”Income inequality” is a code word for socialism/communism. What is unfortunate is that in every instance such a system has failed and the people in those countries lived in far worse conditions than in capitalism.Basically it’s bringing the people down and making sure everyone is miserable.That might be equality .

Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela just being some. Lets all live in poverty  and misery ! Most people are just too lazy or ignorant to study that objectively. In many cases they are clueless idealists, with no sense of reality.

Uninformed, clueless, ignorant , head in the sand, idealists.

Some are America haters, blame America first  haters and self haters.

Just ask yourselves one question. Which country do almost all people strive to immigrate to.The poor , the rich, Russians, Chinese, French, Cubans, Mexicans,  Jews, muslims, Armenians, uneducated, educated and more and more…………. and more………………The answer is an overwhelming America. !!!!

Then ask yourself why that is !

Better climate ?

better tv shows ?

better schools?

Better opportunities ?

Better universities ?

fast food? McDonalds, KFC, Pizza hut ?   mmmmm.

Jeans ? T shirts ? Kleenex?

abundant supermarkets ?

clean air and water ?

intolerance, hate ?

lack of free speech ?

lack of freedom…………. and so on ………..

I’ll let you answer that.

They come because almost always they are trying to leave tyranny, hunger, oppression,  real racism, real war on women, intolerance of LGBT, religious persecution, lack of compassion, lack of equal opportunity, lack of free speech and lack of rising up and being better than their forefathers or parents.They come because they all know America is the land of equal rights. All men and women.ALL. !

They come because in America they can build upon their dreams and talents. and become moguls of industry and they can become rich and prosperous and create new things for all mankind. They come knowing that unlike most other countries wealth , power and ownership is not necessarily in the hands of the same people generation after generation. There is no caste system, unlike most places

They come knowing that in one generation, even from non American born parents, they can become leaders of industry, billionaires, inventors or  a supreme court judge, a senator and YES, they can become the President of this great country !! They can become The President Of the United States of America !

I have never heard or seen any other country in the world like this, nor have the millions upon millions of people that come here legally or illegally   as immigrants and as refugees. !

They come to a land, that although not perfect, is the best they know and a land that tries to correct its mistakes and past errors.

They come to the land that is called America !