Fake News

There is a difference between not liking a news organization because of negative coverage and disliking fake news.

The fake news we are observing is vicious and out to destroy. If any news organization is objective why do we talk about negative or positive coverage. Shouldn’t it be real and fair coverage ? I am not that crazy about Trump but I respect the office of the Presidency. Any person with minimum objectivity can see through the fake, destructive media

It is so ridiculous to say that this President can not tolerate negative coverage. What he cannot tolerate is news which is so slanted and inaccurate that it’s almost laughable. Actually it’s sad and reprehensible.He and millions of his followers cannot tolerate news that is openly and despicably out to destroy him.

A lot of presidents in the past have encountered negative coverage. But no president in history has been subjected to this disgusting attempt to lie and mislead the American people by the news media with the sole purpose of  destroying a legitimately elected president.

They say well the other candidate got more popular votes. So what ! That’s not how the system works !!

They say the Russians turned the outcome of the election. This is a corrupt media aided by the liberal left they share ideology with trying to create imaginary scandals to discredit and demonize and destroy Trump.

They would  prefer the country be destroyed rather than see Trump have success.

Their ideology has so blinded them that it is a media circus. I often say that they are missing the objectivity lobe of their brain.It’s just missing !


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