Fake polls

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about “suppression polls”. I am going to write a short version of it here. Basically, partisan pollsters knowingly poll a disproportionate higher number of democrats and a lower number of republicans and independents. Thus, the polls wrongly show the democrat leading in the vote count. They do this for obvious reasons, one of which is to discourage their opposing party and to make them  feel hopeless and defeated and overcome by the false feeling that their vote no longer counts. I am sure many people reading this will say the obvious ! how come I have never been polled, I say that too, all the time. The reason is now obvious, so that they, the fake news, MSM and democrats and  their corrupt operatives can go on the airwaves and say that your candidate,in this case Trump, is  way behind. They did this until election night with Hillary and we all know how that turned out !