On giving.

It is truly a blessing to be on the giving side of life, The other side is to need to receive or to need to get and not have the ability to give.It is far more rewarding to give charity than to have to receive charity.

The blind cannot lead the blind but those with vision can lead the blind. That is the fortunate position of being able to give than to have to receive.

the poor cannot give to the rich but the rich are blessed to be able to give to the poor and more importantly they should.

The ignorant cannot teach much to the wise but the wise can teach a lot to the ignorant.

the well fed can feed the hungry but the starving cannot feed the well fed.

Lovers can part love to haters but haters cannot part love to lovers nor other haters.

The healthy can help the sick but the sick cannot do much for the healthy.

The powerful can help the meek but not the other way around.

So God has blessed those that can give and in turn those that are so blessed  must give to others. The fortunate to the unfortunate , the able to the disabled, the strong to the weak. The list goes on and on

I am blessed to have been on the giving side of life and consider that a true blessing from the heavens.

The gift of giving is far greater than receiving !


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