How Can We End Homelessness?

I wrote about this a while back but the problem has not been solved and I must keep this debate and the effort to end homelessness in the forefront . We will not abandon our less fortunate in this great country.
This is a detailed outline of the goals and mission to help the needy and the homeless on our streets, communities and the country. More will be added later.
There are solutions to end the tragedy that is homelessness.
The plight of the homeless is heart breaking.There are many reasons that so many are homeless. Some of the main reasons are poverty, loss of jobs, high rents, poor choices such as drug dependency and addiction and poor health and lack of family support. Even divorce can lead to homelessness. Child support and old age without resources are also reasons for homelessness.
What has been lacking is the political will and care..
I am trying to leave the politics out of this, as much as possible, but it is shameful,to say the least !
We need to build “dormitory” style units or military style barracks to house these people.
These should have enough beds, common bathrooms in adequate numbers and kitchen facilities. There now exists extremely low cost modular container ready prefab home units that can be built at nominal comparative cost and built by the thousands.
The common areas need medical centers for all with doctors and nurses. These should include mental health experts. Many , if not all these homeless people need medical attention and guidance and love.
It is truly shameful that the strongest, wealthiest and most prosperous democracy on the face of the planet has so many destitute homeless people. Regardless of the reasons, even poor choices such as drug use or other we must help these people..
It is easy to start blaming “ the other side” or others for this situation but it does not help to politicize this crisis.We cannot abandon these people and let them live in misery and poverty and with lack of dignity !!
The reasons and culpability can be further addressed in another article but I am here to spell out some practical solutions and end this shame on our society. If we are united, despite party and ideology, we can erase this inhumanity that the homeless live through on a daily basis. It is a moral and civic duty to help.
The local and state and federal government have billions of dollars of real estate assets. Many of these are abandoned or underutilized. Yes, underutilized !
These could be utilized to increase affordable housing stock and for economic development.
These properties are in the thousands, almost 800,000. This is a very unknown fact, but real.The kitchens will need to be staffed by cooks and other necessary help and equipment.
The homeless need to be individually evaluated because, unfortunately, some are heavily drug dependent and mentally ill and can be dangerous to others.
The sane and more able can be given communal tasks for the good of all.
I have no doubt that corporations and wealthy individuals will step in to carry a lot of the costs.Others can help financially or on a volunteer basis with their time.
The churches and temples and mosques and other religious and charitable institutions will also step in.
All levels of government would be foolish not to want to help and eradicate this problem.
I am sure both parties and people of all ideologies would be more than happy to to eliminate this tragedy.
Even from the standpoint of the existing health risks this is a MUST !
It is our God given responsibility, all of us that are more fortunate and capable, to join hands and solve this tragic situation. Each can help in whatever manner they can !
In restoring the dignity of a homeless man or woman or a young one, we will have elevated our own dignity and lifted our heads high in the priceless pride and joy of giving.
We can all dream of that day when we look into the eyes of those downtrodden and less fortunate that we helped and saved, see their joy, their gratitude and relief and not feel ashamed of our inaction or indifference.
There is no reward more gratifying than that,
Worth a thousand lifetimes !