Idiots Can Become Rich Too


The fact that Bloomberg is so wealthy goes to show that idiots can become rich too. Now he is helping Florida felons vote by paying their fines.  After the embarrassing and disgraceful performance in the democrat primaries , he still has not learnt his lesson. The man has a lot of money but zero pride or honor. His self esteem must be down in the toilet. Someone should tell him that by enabling felons to vote shows what kind of a party the democrat party has become. It is no badge of honor to have criminals and felons vote for you Bloomberg. It is shameful. The lowest of lows is not low enough for you. You are making it very clear that you are the party of violent mobs, anarchists, felons and criminals and fascists and socialists. I wonder what will happen to you and your billions if they achieve power and take control.You never know, maybe one of your felon criminal buddies will just do you in by mistake since they hate the wealthy. Watch it you fool !


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