Source of information are very important. The more sources and the more independent those sources are the better and more reliable the information. Information or news needs competition ! If the competition is rare or lacking the news can be crooked or propaganda or misinformation.Unfortunately that is what is happening in America. The fake news, MSM is controlled by a very few people and they control what you hear and see.They can distort the truth and your reality.

Imagine you are in a closed, dark room and you can only have one visitor from outside the room. Your only point of contact  to the  outside world is this one visitor.Any news or information you get is from this ONE person. This s a very scary thought, God forbid.The truth is what this visitor tells you. You have no other source for truth or reality. This has become the role of the MSM because most people have closed their minds inside a “room ” and are indifferent or lazy to know the “real truth”.  I am not talking of the smart inquisitive “well read” individual who seeks information from multiple sources and has a balanced bearing on the truth. I am not referring to those individuals who can discern the truth and differentiate between fake news and misinformation and or propaganda. I am talking of the gullible, uninformed, easily persuaded, lazy slogan chasers ,who never pay attention to details and facts.They come young and old, rich and poor and in every color and race and religion. I am talking of the easily brainwashed dependent thinkers. The mass media has the longest reach because they are many in number. They have the largest influence a vast majority they are leftists and liberals.They have a preconceived  agenda and a narrative to suit their agenda.The truth no longer matters. Reality is what THEY tell you  it is and repeat and lie as often as needed to persuade you.

They know you are locked in that “room ” and they are your only source of information.They “act honest”, “impartial”,”indignant”, “surprised”, “disappointed” when need  be. They bring “guests” and” spinsters”  and “experts ” to tell you what to think. They consider you unqualified to think for yourself and to decide.. They have male and female reporters and journalists, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, straight, gay and lesbian and doctors and lawyers and other professionals and what not.

All these people have ONE thing in common. IDEOLOGY ! nothing unites them or divides them except IDEOLOGY and “common think”.It is not about your color or race or religion or sex or ethnicity. It is strictly about party  and IDEOLOGY. No matter what you are, as long as you share their ideology YOU are accepted. The opposite is true also.if you are from the same race or color or religion or origin or sex you are unwelcome unless you share their ideology.

The mass media or MSM that unites these people and has an incredibly large reach includes but is not limited to

The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today,CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, Walt Disney, NPR, PBS, Telemundo, HBO,Cinemax ,Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Time.

These are just a few of many. They are  part of the the Agenda setting theory, which dictates that public agenda is set by the media agenda ! Simply stated this news media can create “new” issues by reporting or ” obscure”issues through negligence and distraction. They hold the power to reduce or increase public awareness. This is even more true when people do NOT have direct awareness of the issues.

Add to all this the role of misinformation and propaganda by the MSM and your chances of finding out the “truth” are drastically reduced.




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