Jane Fonda

Jane, “stupid” Fonda, you have hated this country for decades. At least since Nixon and the Vietnam war. Any logical person would then ask why you stay here. Why don’t you leave and go to that better country that you know exists. You just said that “the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was God’s gift to the left.” October 2, 2020. Have you ever considered that that is hate speech. Have you ever considered that it might offend millions of Americans that are suffering because of the pandemic? Do you know that small, little nail salons, hair salons, lots of restaurants and numerous other large and small retail stores and centers and businesses have been closed ? Do you even bother yourself with the thought of major airlines and hotels going out of business ? Cruise line companies are bankrupt because of the COVID. People are hurt and depressed and out of jobs and out of business ! Is that still God’s gift to the left. ? Churches and synagogues and mosques being closed, is that God’s gift to the left ? You are a disgusting, arrogant, spoiled self righteous POS ! You always have been. You symbolize and represent the left so accurately. Hateful, intolerant, always knowing better, superior to others, hypocrite, wrongly opinionated, not smart enough to question that YOU might be wrong, shameless and plain wicked and selfish and ignorant and insane.
Those are just some of the shameful qualities you and your kind possess. Put Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand and Joy Behar and Kathy Griffin, just to name a few, in your group of boring and predictable irrelevant and washed away have beens.
If a right leaning person or a conservative or a republican had said something similar it would have been “hate speech” and white supremacy
The COVID is a tragedy for all, including leftists like yourself and you should be ashamed of yourself and your kind of REAL divisive, racist white supremacy comment. More blacks and Hispanics and poor have died from your” God’s gift to the left”, YOU FOOL ! Your hate makes you too STUPID to know the TRUTH.


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