Joe Biden Has No Dignity

Joe Biden, you were Vice President for 8 years before Trump became President. That was 8 long years, less than four years ago. Before that you were a Senator for 30  plus years. If there was systemic racism, police brutality, which you are claiming daily, if the black community needs help what the hell were you doing all those years. How come all of a sudden,
now, you can fix it ? Didn’t you recently say you “ain’t black” if you don’t vote for me to the black community ? That is what REAL racists say. How insulting ! You were VP to the first black President in history, and NOW you say you will help the black community and they should vote for you !  when you had some little sanity and were young and powerful you did not do s..t ! Now, that you can’t compose a sentence and you are senile and have dementia you’re going to “fix” all that’s wrong in this country ? Are you that stupid, or do you think all the people are stupid ? Can you fool all the people all the time ? You will be the first because as the saying goes you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but not all the people all the time !
Go back to your basement, because the minute you open your mouth you embarrass any sane man or woman that even listens to you !
I feel sorry for you because I am reminded of a circus clown, or a deformed monster on a parade they put in a cage and take around for entertainment ! I am shocked at your family and close ones who are letting you go through such a terrible ordeal. I really am.
I know, you have manipulators and “advisers” pulling your every string but that is for their benefit, not yours !  You’re their puppet. That is for the “party”.
You are 77 years old, stay home,  do other things and give your frail body and your decaying mind a break. Most importantly let your conscience rest from years of manipulation and corruption and enjoy the ill- gotten riches which you amassed from decades of abuse of power and position.
Show some dignity for a change !

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