Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I regret the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was certainly an accomplished woman but not a great judge. She was not impartial or neutral. In my opinion, the most important quality of any judge is neutrality in judgement. A judge does not judge based on race color, religion or wealth or any other quality. A judge particularly a Supreme Court Judge, judges all people rich and poor black and white with equality. She let her liberal views and ideology interfere in her judgement. That does not make you a good judge. You are no Solomon of a judge or wisdom when you allow your personal views to get in the way of your judgement and rulings.She called President Trump a “faker”. A justice of  The United States Supreme Court does not call The President of The United States a faker or refer to him in any other derogatory name or manner. She showed her disrespect and dislike of The President in no uncertain terms. She also did not follow her oath to uphold The Constitution and not to re- interpret it according to her leftist ideology. She also made it very clear that she would do anything in her power not to allow Trump to elect a new justice instead of her. Unfortunately, death does not calculate when it comes based on politics or a persons wishes or their ideology and personal prejudices. She went on to say that Trump ” has no consistency”. ” He says whatever comes into his head at the moment”. ” He has an ego”, she said about Trump.
Trump unsuccessfully asked her to resign. She did not !
Now all the news is praising her and saying how great she was and glorifying her and her “candor” ! But the truth is, she failed as a Justice of The Supreme Court by being biased in her views.
Death does not ask for resignation or retirement, it commands it, at will.  Death out candors everyone  ! Her wish, her dying words were “my most fervent wish is that I not be replaced until a new president is  installed”. ALAS, death is the ultimate decision maker of life,
even  for a liberal SCOTUS Judge.Rest in peace justice Ginsburg.
President Trump should immediately nominate a new justice and the Senate should confirm the nomination without any delay.
Elections have consequences, but death has even more consequences.

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