Loneliness, I know how you think
You think that you have me beat
Swept me off my feet and

achieved a great feat

I know that you don’t even bother
Cause you’re a high way robber
You come under cover

 and say you’re a lover
Now that you’ve found me
You’ve secretly bound me
You surround me

 circle around me
You think that you have the better of me
You think that I’m in your grip
I’m in a dip

that I’ll fall and slip,

But Loneliness, I’ll give you a tip
I’ll shake me out of this dip

 walk out of your grip
I’m walking out of your ship
With a hop hop and skip
You’ve been a trip
I’m truly done

 won’t cry when I’m gone
It ‘s been fun

 thanks, got to run

My time has come, best regards from, and then some,
Loneliness, I don’t need you to love me
Be all around me, surround me, and circle around me
Don’t hound me, It’s time to leave me
You’ve made me sigh, you’ve made me cry, almost die
But now I can fly, I can reach high
I’m no longer shy, you were a lie
Got to say goodbye.
Loveliness is by, got to say hi
Love has come my way, she’s changed the day
We’ve a lot to say, I can see the way.
come love may, come what may.
Loneliness goodbye, Loveliness is by.



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