Love of country

there was a time when  certain absolutes existed regardless of whether you were a democrat or a republican, libertarian, conservative or liberal or of any other persuasion or ideology.

Those days are behind us.

Now the differences are so strong and pronounced that there hardly exists any common ground or agreement no matter what the subject is.

The ideological divide has mad everything unsacred.

there was a time when  certain principles such as love of country, free speech, decency, individualism, tolerance of persons with opposing views, patriotism and  chivalry and decency were sacred for all !

The opposing or ruling party would just have a different idea or method of running government but not questioning those sacred principles. Those were agreeable to all.

A good example was the subject of foreign policy.

When it came to the well being of the country all people would unite and both parties would agree with each other regardless of party affiliation or ideology.

Now even foreign policy is no longer a subject where the two parties unite for the good of the people.

They have politicized the most sacred responsibilities that they owe to the people and the country !

They embolden the enemies of the country to the detriment of all.

These days there is no commonality of acceptance on anything.

The pendulum swings from extreme far left to extreme far right.

Anything goes from intolerance, name calling, vandalism and destruction of property, intimidation of free speech, demonization and even life threats of others.

The news media is truly very much at fault for that and stirs division and disorderly dissent.

instead of being the watchdogs of an earlier era they have become the lapdogs of some and attack dogs for the same.

This shameless behavior is tearing at the very fabric of our society.

nothing is out of bounds and no behavior is shameful or totally unacceptable to all parties.

This has to change if not even those who have created such an environment will perish with those who are innocent and oppose such behavior.