Madness, oh what sadness
Living in times when more is less
The story of Al Capone and Elliot Ness

Victims all around us
Excuses that drown us
Good is bad
The happy are sad
Everything is a fad
If you’re sane you’re mad

Nazism, fascism, communism
Religious fundamentalism
And then it is terrorism
Really all forms of Exclusivism

Madonna the prima donna
Everything goes
Nobody knows
Right or wrong
Worth a song
Truth or lie
Worth a sigh

Not my fault
That’s how I was taught
Just don’t get caught
It’s been bought
Won’t fall short

Hard work,
No perk
Not within my ability
Get rich fast
It will last

Ride the system
Try to beat them
Don’t pay your dues
That’s for fools
You might lose

Look at our heroes
They’re really just zeroes
Choking on their monologues
Power hungry Congressmen
Writing the law for everyman

No border”
No order
Look at the polls
To move the halls
No conviction
Too much friction
What gives you might
That’s what’s right

Dad is the old man
Mom is the old lady
Cops are pigs
Your girl is a bitch

The country is going down
Nobody cares, nobody dares
Insane is sane
Bio-engineered foods
Chemically driven
Biologically stricken
Hormone fed cows
Caged chicken
Farm raised fish
Plenty but tasteless
Plenty but harmful
Cheap but expensive

Moral equality
Between right and wrong
Good and bad
Evil and benign
All sorts of relativism

Times of depression, pedophiles
Kidnappings and child molestation
Fornication, rape, porn and damnation
Pray, pray for salvation.



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