Manipulators of the People

Let me answer all idiots, reporters, journalists, propaganda artists, misinformation experts and fake news MSM and democrat spinsters and manipulators of the people and whoever other con artist idiots such as Adam “Schittf” who questions whether The President will leave his office peacefully if he loses. The answer to that is as follows : If The President loses honestly and legally without corruption in voting by democrats and their followers and illegal voters including the dead and non citizens, he will leave office peacefully.
However, if he loses due to your usual efforts of cheating including mail in ballots and double counting and the usual frauds you commit, he would be foolish to leave his office and his supporters will be disenfranchised and disappointed.
Please get that into your stupid thick skulls.

The real problem is that if he wins legally and honestly, you are planning to NOT accept his victory and to undo his win illegally and with war and anarchy. You want to drag the election long beyond the required dates and have prepared to hijack his election. Again, you are setting the people up by projecting that which you are guilty of unto your opponents.

But rest assured that your demonic ways will fail and backfire right into your faces because The American People are awoken and aware of your corrupt ways. The people have read your hands and see the truth and you can no longer get away by accusing the opposition of that which you are guilty of and that which you practice.


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