On God

They say that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

I believe that and will make you believe it too.

Nothing has ever occurred without the existence or the presence of time.Nothing has ever existed without the existence of space.

Time has seen everything that has ever happened in the universe. Time has seen the deepest parts of the galaxies, stars, moons and planets. Nothing and I mean nothing has ever happened without time being present.

So time has seen everything that has ever happened from the big bang on or even sooner

Time has seen the creation of the universe and space, the creation of the oceans and the mountains. Time has seen the deepest dungeons and crevices in the darkest parts of the ocean.Time has seen the cruelest acts, the kindest acts and everything in between.

Time is omnipresent.

Time is Omniscient

Time is omnipotent.

Everything is created and destroyed in the presence of time.

Time sees the implosion of the stars,or the explosion of the stars, time sees black holes, time sees everything in existence and knows about everything in existence and has the power to create and destroy everything.

Time is an agent of God. time is a creation of God and God is watching everything all the time.

Space is also an agent of God and  sees everything all the time because nothing happens without its existence or out of its dimension. Those who have  committed the worst crimes in history or when no one else was looking have made a big error. Whilst no other person or being was present, time and space were recording everything. They were watching everything as agents of the Lord.

Time and space are agents of God and creation.

When I was a little boy they taught me and told me that God sees everything, knows everything and is all powerful.They, the elderly and the wiser, said that even if no one else is looking you cannot hide things from God.  They would say no good deed or evil or crime goes unnoticed and that God is watching even if no one else is there.

I thought to myself how can God be all of that and see everything. How can God see everything? because it’s a big place. How can God be everywhere ? I have finally come to understand how and I believe it.

Time and space as creations of God and agents of God  are always present everywhere and see and know everything and are all powerful!

the documentary of all the events in history from the very beginning have been recorded in time and space.

The wifi to penetrate this documentary exists and is a matter of time to be found and used.

I can see my warehouse sitting at home with my smart phone. I can also see my home from my warehouse in the same way ! I can choose real time or time in the past to see every detail that happens.The universal wifi will see the present and the past.It will be the time machine that has captured the imagination of scientists, physicists and all others for a long time.



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