Party loyalty

It’s almost as though political party interest and loyalty have become more important than loyalty to your country.

The country can fail but not the party. The party is more sacred.

I ask those who act so indignant and offended about having a wall and controlling illegal immigration one question .What is your motive in not favoring the border. why do you favor illegal immigration ? Is it because you are more magnanimous than the rest of us ? more noble? maybe you’re more philanthropic than the rest of us ? 

Is it for humanitarian reasons? Is it for lack of workers and laborers ?

Is it for diversity of culture and language.

Give me your tired, your poor, you huddled masses yearning to breathe free…………………..”

If you’re for immigrants and immigration that’s just wonderful.There is a

system in place to allow in vast numbers of immigrants and it is lawful.!

You can perhaps rightfully argue to make legal immigration easier and less cumbersome. Depending on the needs of the country at  the time that could be a worthy debate !

Unfortunately, I know it is not for any of the above reasons.

It is because you think they will vote for YOU !

You are willing to sell your country out to keep your party and thus yourselves in power.

This is so obvious.

Political motivation rather than love of country and what is best for the country is the motive behind the endorsement of illegal immigration.

Anything, just anything to get the votes and stay in power.

It is by no means for humanitarian reasons. It’s totally, disgustingly politically motivated !

you are not interested in the welfare of the country and what is best for it.

Maintenance of your power beats all other reasons.

In a perfect word it would be nice not to build walls or fences.

In a perfect world a lot of things could be different.

In such a perfect world we would not need to lock our doors or even our cars.

There would be no gates, no security cameras, no alarms , no store front metal barriers and on and on.There would be no need for the police even, because everyone would be perfect and thus the world !

However, unfortunately, it is not a perfect world. !

When you have a party in your house can anyone just come and enter your event ,or only those you have invited ?

If you are a liberal and have a sandwich shop do you feed everyone who comes in and is hungry ? or do you only feed those who pay ?

In a perfect world I would love to just house everybody, feed everybody and give everyone everything for free.

But, unfortunately this is not a perfect world nor are the people in it all perfect and resources are also limited.

All countries have boundaries, rules and regulations. One of those rules or laws is deciding who can enter the country. That’s why there are visas and border control in almost every airport in the world. That’s also why there are passports.

I wonder if those who champion illegal immigration would offer to house those illegals entering into their houses.

I wonder if they would feed them and pay all their expenses. No they would not.!

there is an honest and proper way to come into this country, It’s called legal immigration. Millions before us have come this way and millions more are coming and will come !

To obscure and muddy the argument and say you are anti immigrant is just demagoguery and false.

America is great because of its people and millions of immigrants.

when those who argue for illegal immigration  are ready to house all or some of these illegal immigrants I am willing to not have a wall or border control. Lead by example.

Any volunteers ?

I do not think so!