President Obama

President Obama, you  once said ” if you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that.

Somebody else made that happen.” your words , not mine !

Mr. President, Sir,  I have a question for you. You have bought a beautiful mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Congratulations, we are all happy for you, but did someone else make that happen ?

I also know that, according to “Climate Central ” a research group funded by the government during your administration, climate change could leave your mansion underwater.

Isn’t that a lot of money to buy a mansion that might end underwater ?.

I wonder, does the mansion have walls and gates or is everyone welcome to come in ?

How about the house in Washington DC ?

I’m really happy for you Mr. President. You seem to have realized the ‘American Dream”.Enjoy it !

It must feel good to buy 29 acres of private beachfront with a boathouse. Personally, I say, damn anyone who envies such success !

Bravo !

It’s good to be President  !!


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