Questions ? Part 1

Please read this article and give WTP your responses with explanations and reasons for your answers.

Please do not compare to a non existent, idealistic, imaginary utopia.

Do you like America ?

Do you dislike America ?

What do you like or dislike about America ?

Is America a powerful country ?

Is America a relatively young country?

Is America the most prosperous and strongest economy in the world ?

What made America the super power and biggest economy in the world ?

Was America a Socialist country ? Did socialism make America great ?

Was America a Capitalist country ? Did capitalism make America great ?

Is the free enterprise system good or bad ?

Is Socialism good ? Communism ?

Is america a culturally diversified country ?

Is America racist or least racist ?

Did white folks have to vote for Obama to become President ?

Was the minority votes enough to make Obama President ?

Is America free ?

Can you insult The President or any high ranking politician without fear ?

Do people have equal rights regardless of status and ethnicity ?

Where would you like to live if not in America ?

Which country in the world do millions of people try to immigrate to ?

Why do we have “illegal aliens ” crossing the border and millions applying to come here legally.?

Should we be tolerant of people with different ideas ?

Continued in part 2…….

As Americans, there are these and numerous other questions that you should ask yourselves and learn about you country. Remember, everything in life is relative including forms of government and its people. No country or people are  perfect but which  country would you prefer to be in compared to others.?

You cannot compare to an imaginary, idealistic, nonexistent utopia. !!


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