Respect The Law of The Land

Here we go again ! democrats can always disagree with Republicans and conservatives and those who oppose them, but woe if you disagree with the democrats. If they like something they want to force you to like it and if they dislike something they want to force you to dislike it. In both cases they want to make what they want or don’t want the law for everyone. They are not content enough to practice what they want or do not want. That freedom of choice is not satisfying enough for them ! They always want everybody else to be forced to do the same. I have never understood this sick mentality ! “Herd mentality” or “sheep” mentality !
freedom of speech is only for them, hate, in the name of freedom, is for them, violent protests are “mostly peaceful”, for them unless it is directed against them. Then you are a racist or white supremcist. They hate Trump and that means YOU must hate Trump too. If not you are a xenophobe, racist, homophobe and the other goodies they like to falsely call people. If you are black but not a democrat you are an uncle Tom or not BLACK at all. You are not a woman to be protected or respected if you are not a liberal or democrat. You are not gay if you are a conservative. Now, they want the rules changed like they always do, when it does not fit the democrat narrative and agenda. The President should not nominate a new justice until after the elections. Justices have been selected for The Supreme Court 29 times in elections years.
It is ok if they, the democrats, stack the courts with nominees of the presidents that are democrats, such as Obama and Clinton but not if a republican president wants to “stack” the court with non revisionist, non activist, justices. He must not select someone who applies the law rather than make the law according to his or her wishes or maybe I should say to their extreme leftist vision and beliefs !
Socialist, spoiled democrats, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is DEAD ! She did not resign, she DIED. Trump did not kill her !
He has every right to select a justice he likes and trusts, conservative or not !
Respect the law of the land for once instead of complaining and threatening and protesting. !!
Your socialist democrat leaders and some behind the scenes, sinister manipulators of the deep state love the division and anarchy. Stop being fooled every time and falling into their traps.
A president selects the Justice of SCOTUS and the electoral college selects The President, whether you like it or not.We will not change the rules just because you yell and scream and threaten everyone or because you lose !
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