Response to Article Part 3

When one politician is calling his or her opponent names and is smearing that opponent and demonizing the opponent I will call the attacker a charlatan, a demagogue and unworthy of being the servant of the people.

I want to hear solutions to real problems, ideas, better imagination, inspiration and feeling good about my country and my people. About to hear about how to put bread on the table and see my kids though school, how to meet my financial obligations and then more.I’d also like to keep more of my money rather than give it to the government which spends ownerless money. Other people’s money, called taxes !

I do not let politics consume my life.

I have to admit that in seeing some responses to my posts I have answered some people very aggressively and without any reservation or fear. Usually those were directed to people, obviously rude , unintelligent and ignorant who would attack a polite person stating their opinion in a constructive and respectful way with four letter words and other vulgarity.

I have respectfully asked all, from the left and from he right, to state their opinions in a civilized, cordial, constructive manner.

Responses should not be swear words and insults.

Agree to disagree, but in a polite way. This country belongs to us all.

We have to control our politicians to push forward the good of the country.

They may disagree on the method and policies to achieve their goals. What we need to make sure of is to see them act  in the best interest of the people and this country.

We are all duped, left and right if their goal is strictly to hold power and make politics a life time career or business.

No one wins in such a scenario.


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