Responses to Articles Part 1

Woo The People was started not too long ago.It is extremely well liked by its readers and followers . The growth has been tremendous and record breaking. More than 99 plus percent are likes and loves. W have reached over one million people in this short period. I promise you that we will become a much bigger force of  conservatives  and moderates and a voice for common sense and reasonable accountability.We extend our hand to all moderates and reasonable people from both sides of the aisle.We would love to expand dialogue and exchange  between conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans and Libertarians.The common goal is the prosperity and strength of our people and the country.We want to uphold the values and ideals that made this country great.

We are for America and its prosperity and for people who love their country. Calling each other names and displaying rude and vulgar behavior is not good for either side and certainly not good for this glorious country.

The aim and the raison d’etre of the site was to engage reasonably smart and honest and unbiased Americans into discussions and have a civilized, caring meaningful debate about our country, the world and life in general.The goal is betterment of life for all.

Yes, we can disagree , but to shut down discourse by name calling and insults and false accusations of racism, bigotry or any kind of fanaticism without real proof is not the way.

Hate takes away a lot more from the hater than the hated in my opinion.

The hated can walk away from the hater but the hater cannot walk away from himself or herself !

Violence and destruction in the name of freedom is what one side accuses the other of committing way too often and what they preach they are against !

Banning free non violent, civilized, courteous  speech because you disagree with a speaker is exactly what those who commit this act profess to be against.


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