Responses to Articles Part 2


Woo the people was created to encourage dialogue and opinion and to discuss different political points of view but also the  joys and pains and hardships of life. Philosophy, poetry, common challenges, aspirations and goals. In general to share your thought sand opinions and experiences. I am quite engaged  in politics but have zero political connections or will to be a politician.I hate politics because it is basically controlling the people by a small minority; The politicians.

My life is much richer than being so obsessed and driven by politics. Usually the venom you see from the other side is from being  uninformed, brainwashed and bitter, They are consumed with their misplaced hatred, intolerance and are bitter beings.

Woo The People  was created to discuss deep political opinions and convictions, passionate feelings about not only politics but the tapestry that is life and its various engagements and topics.Marriage, kids, school, work, health issues, sicknesses, relationships, just getting through the day is time consuming  and challenging enough. So I’m engaged in politics, yes, but it does not control my life, nor consume me.

There are too many people who are consumed by politics and have become hostile and intolerant of any difference opinion.

To disagee, that’s ok, but to be so rude  and judgmental and vicious and rude and hostile because of a difference of opinions is destroying the very foundations the Constitution and the people.Neither the ultra left nor the right gain by being so dogmatic and entrenched. Leave reasonable doubt for good faith in conversation and dialogue. Allow to be able to be convinced by facts and reason. Allow to admit that you might be wrong. Allow to admit that you are not the sole judge and always right….


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