Russia Hoax

No matter what, the democrats will not stop denigrating, demonizing, smearing, trying to destroy AG Barr. The report is out redacted ,un-redacted and all 400 pages.

 Barr has testified also ! It’s all a complete waste of time because they do not care about the truth ! It’s  a charade of hate and hypocrisy. It is so shameful. They can destroy a complete honest, professional  man like Barr. They do not care.

they say he is the President’s attorney not the country’s Attorney General. they are so well rehearsed and repetitive of the exact same spin and lies that it is truly amazing.I have to hand it to them they are really well organized in their efforts to make lies seem like the truth. Their method : repeat the same lies until people think it is the truth.

They did everything to destroy Barr’s credibility. Oh my God you must resign. Resign, resign, resign !!!

you are not fit or honest to be the AG !

They act so outraged, so indignant but what they really are is falsely self righteous and agents of disinformation. !

The most well rehearsed orchestra with the most talented Composer and Conductor could not do better.!!  They are trying to protect the people and the Republic against the demonic President  and his Attorney General.

A Standing Ovation is appropriate. They keep the Russian Collusion Delusion alive ! IMPEACH !!

They truly deserve a BRAVO !! , BRAVO, BRAVO !!!


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