Shared love

A few days ago I wrote an article about the tragic death of my father.

The outpouring of love and sympathy and kindness that has been demonstrated by almost everyone who has read the article is exhilarating !

It has strengthened and heartened my readers and I to see the spreading of love and care.

God bless America and its people.

Americans are simple honest people. They are not as conniving and as calculating as most other people. They call it as they see it !

Some take this as a weakness but I now know this is a strength.

It is time to make people feel good about themselves and this country.

We have been bashing each other and the country for too long. It is time to come together, unite and inspire one another with good deeds and the benevolence that our country affords us all.

Be a democrat or a Republican, be whatever you want, but first and foremost be an American. Be a friend. You owe it to past generations who kept the world free.

let’s help uplift one anothers mood and morale and that of the whole country.

we have been lead to believe that we are opponents and  enemies, when we are really one people, One people under God and for those of you who don’t believe in God, just one people.

it is depressing to be constantly fighting each other because we have different opinions and are vocal about it in a detrimental way.

Let’s just agree to disagree and that should be the worst of cases.

The best case is to listen to one another and hear each other.

I write my views about politics and sometimes some people may not agree with me.That is natural ! But I do not let it consume me with hate and arrogance and insults to others. This is just a  part of my life and there is much more to it.

Like the common joys we all have in life, our love of our families, our shared common pains and tragedies.Our purpose in life should be much more than putting each other down and insulting one another because we disagree on a political level.

I hope that we can unite and be civil towards each other because we have a lot more in common with each other than we have differences.We share the challenges of life !

Thank you for your love and support and the amazingly positive response.