What we are is proud Americans with love of country and fellow Americans. We love our country and strive to improve it rather than "fundamentally changing" it. We need to unite in massive numbers to save our country from all enemies from within or from outside. There will be no concerns of censorship of opposing views, ideas and philosophies as long as they are expressed with respect and civility. God bless you and God bless The United States of America.
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Commonly asked questions

  • Do I have to worry about you selling my email or personal information?
    No. Your contact information and private data are yours.
  • Can I create an account for business purposes?
    Yes, you can promote your business free on our platform as long as you're professional.
  • How do I install Woo the People's phone App?
    In the App Store, type Woo the People, tap the app and “get”. After you have installed and opened the app, click the "sign-up" button. Enter your name, email address and choose a password.
  • What is Woo the People?
    This is a forum of expression and exchange of knowledge, ideology and feelings and ideas without censorship.
  • What type of writing is not allowed?
    No foul language or hate or disrespect of others! 

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Woo the People is a forum for people to communicate with one another. It was created to share ideas, exchange thoughts, problems, issues of concern, life experiences and any other topic of interest - including civil and respectful political exchange.


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