Success 1

Hi everyone,

Despite all the smearing and delegitimization efforts against President Trump  and his administration by the Democrats and the MSM, the country is doing extremely well. The economy is better than it has been for a long, long time with record unemployment rates and record stock market values. The GDP is also better than it has been for years. Obama had said that The days of 2% or more GDP growth would never come back.Well he was wrong. He was wrong in many things. Unlike Trump he did not believe in the American people and American exceptionalism.

Despite all the obstacles placed by the enemies within, Trump has done exceedingly well for EVERYONE in the country.

This is true despite the obscene Mueller investigation and the Russian collusion hoax hanging over his head FOR THE ENTIRE TIME IN OFFICE !!

Trump is a formidable man and thus a formidable President. He is a winner and so is the country because of him.

Why would any sane thinking American person dislike the MAGA slogan or a symbol with MAGA ?

Only self hating, America hating individuals would feel that way. Another major group that would dislike MAGA would be the Trump hating mob and partisan politicians who hate Trump more than they like America. They are the enemy within !

They dislike and hate Trump so much that they hate MAGA. They would rather the country fail than see President Trump succeed and America prosper.

This is truly hard to believe, but it is true.

Just imagine how much more successful we would all be if the leader of the country was left alone to do his job. Forget cooperation with him; just leave him alone !!

He has succeeded to bring success despite holding impeachment threats over his head from day one and despite all the fake news and disparaging lies about him and efforts to destroy him.

I salute you Mr. President ! Most of us do !



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