Systemic Stupidity

Oh God, Bill Clinton, and Colin Powell, John Kerry and Jill Biden and how it’s all about “normal” and nice and  decency and empathy and care ! Wow, just wow, top it off with a song by John Legend and we will “never break”.Even Sally Yates was there. CNN even praised being boring as a good quality.When I heard the song I kept on praying for Trump. I said Thank you Donald J. Trump, Thank you Mr. President, Thank you President Trump for not being boring and being a breath of fresh air. If for no other quality, or no other reason, I would vote for you just to avoid death by boredom. These rehearsed phony pretenses and speeches and characters do not  help people with attention deficit disorder. They aggravate the condition. Systemic ignorance, falsity and stupidity have their limits for tolerance.
I think in order to preserve the little sanity I have left, from these last couple of days or so, I will be a no show for Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Pelosi and Schumer and Kamala Harris and the rest of the DNC gang!


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